Brandfire Rewards App

Brandfire Reward App

Our Birthday Promotion  campaign

“Celebrate with Free Flights to Europe for You and a Buddy!”

Brandfire has created a rewards app that enables brands to send rewards to customers via email or SMS. Brands only pay for redeemed rewards.

Our solution, the Brandfire Rewards App, revolutionises the distribution of rewards, ensuring cost-efficiency for brands

Brandfire Solution

We designed an email, embedding a unique URL code in each email, and sent it to over 1000 email addresses.

Customer opened email/SMS, clicked on the link and were directed to a fully branded landing page. The landing page not only provided a link to the booking engine but also presented the terms and conditions for the free flights, creating an immersive and personalised experience.


The campaign achieved an outstanding 40% open rate and an impressive 30% click-through rate, demonstrating the platform’s ability to drive high levels of engagement.

Benefits of Using Brandfire Platform:

Our platform offers the unique advantage of only paying for rewards that are redeemed, while ensuring no data sharing with Brandfire, thus safeguarding customer privacy and trust.

Utilising our Platform for Your Next Campaign:

By leveraging our platform, we will provide you with unique URLs to be seamlessly embedded in your emails or SMS. You will only pay for those that are redeemed, and we will provide you with comprehensive post-campaign reports.

You can have a live campaign ready in less than 5 weeks, ensuring a swift and efficient process for your next promotional endeavor.

If you are looking for a “suprize and delight” campaign that delivers exceptional results and unparalleled customer experiences, we invite you to reach out to us and discover how Brandfire can elevate your next campaign.