Calor Energiser

Calor Gas Rewards and  Communications Platform

Brandfire was tasked with creating a rewards and communication platform for Calor Gas. We designed and built a desktop and mobile app platform for their installers.

The goal was to provide Calor’s Installers with a seamless experience for accessing the latest news, promotions, and exclusive rewards while also facilitating effective communication between Calor and their installers.

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Brandfire Solution

Brandfire successfully deployed this solution in desktop and app format in less than 10 weeks, providing Calor Gas with a comprehensive rewards and communication platform to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction

The rewards and communication platform offers the following key features:

User Registration: Customers can easily sign up by providing their name, contact details, and a password. The approval process is streamlined, with requests being processed within 48 hours.

Latest Updates: Users receive notifications to stay informed about the latest news and promotions from Calor Gas, ensuring they are always up to date with the company.

Unique Rewards: Customers have access to exclusive Calor rewards and surprises as a token of appreciation for their loyalty and engagement with the brand.

Reward Redemption: With a simple click on “Redeem,” users can easily claim their rewards by following the provided instructions, making the process hassle-free and rewarding.

Since the launch of the rewards and communication platform, Calor Gas has seen a significant increase in customer engagement and satisfaction. The seamless user experience provided by the website and app has resulted in higher user retention and increased brand loyalty. The platform has also served as an effective channel for Calor Gas to communicate directly with their installers, creating a stronger relationship and enhancing overall customer experience.

The rewards and communication platform has successfully met the objectives set by Calor Gas. By providing a user-friendly interface, exclusive rewards, and effective communication channels, the platform has contributed to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are proud to have played a key role in creating a valuable asset for Calor Gas and look forward to continuing our partnership in driving customer engagement and brand success.