Glenisk wanted to create an engaging and impactful movie partnership sales promotion campaign that would not only promote their organic kids yogurt product range but also provide an unforgettable experience for their customers. The primary goal was to boost brand visibility, engagement, and sales through a multi-faceted promotional campaign centred around the movie release.

Brandfire Solution

To achieve their objectives, Glenisk executed a movie partnership sales promotion  campaign with Disney Pixar’s “Elemental.” The campaign revolved around an enticing prize—an all-expenses-paid family trip to New York City, inspired by the elemental themes of the movie. The campaign elements included:

On-Pack Movie Partnership Sales  Promotion: Glenisk incorporated movie-themed elements onto their product packaging, providing consumers with a clear call-to-action to participate in the contest for a chance to win the grand prize.

In-Store Promotion: Collaborating with retailers, Glenisk set up eye-catching displays featuring “Elemental” imagery and information about the contest. This helped create in-store buzz and encouraged product purchases.

Online and Social Engagement: Glenisk leveraged their online presence, using their website and social media platforms to promote the campaign. They shared interactive content, quizzes, and posts related to “Elemental,” encouraging user participation and engagement.

Sneak Preview Event: A special sneak preview event of the movie was organised for Glenisk’s customers. This event included various family-friendly activities like face painting, giveaways, and more, creating a memorable experience while creating customer loyalty.